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Examples of Clarity

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Actual Diamond Clarity Examples


Let's look at a few demonstration diamonds to see what these inclusions are all about. We are going to look at stones with many inclusions, in the I1 and I2 ranges. Learning how to accurately clarity grade a diamond requires formal training in a controlled environment.


Diamond Image

This diamond has a large, dark inclusion that is actually an internal break around an included crystal. You can see other crystals just under the center of the table. This type of inclusion is often erroneously called a carbon inclusion. Diamonds rarely have carbon as an inclusion because the heat and pressure required to produce the diamond form out of carbon would force all of the carbon to crystallize. Consequently, it is rare to find carbon in a diamond.

Diamond Image

This diamond is in the I2 range. It is typical of the promotional quality diamonds in discount jewelry stores(the one's who offer a 2.00ctw diamond tennis bracelet for US$599.00). Notice the many inclusions and the crack at the lower right side.

Diamond Image

This diamond has a large fissure running across the table. Although easy to see here, this inclusion is not as noticeable as you might think, as it is fairly clear in daylight.

Diamond Image

Here is a series of included crystals at the lower part of the stone. These are clear crystals that have formed with the diamond (or before the diamond and were included in the stone). If you examine a stone like this you can often see the crystal structure and identify the stone by it.

Diamond Image

This diamond has an interesting fissure running at a 90 degree angle to itself. The study of diamond inclusions is interesting, as there are so many different types, in so many different shapes and forms. Sometimes you can even discover little diamonds as inclusions inside of big diamonds.

Diamond Image

This is the neon flash of a fracture filled diamond. (We will explore this in the next lesson). This is the diagnostic neon red flash of a Yehuda treated diamond. Yehuda does an excellent job with this process, and makes sure to put in a substance that will cause this flash to happen so the treatment can be easily identified by a knowledgeable gemologist or consumer.

Diamond Image

By turning the stone upside down you can also see the flash effect of the clarity enhancement. We will discuss this treatment further in a future lesson.

This concludes our basic, practical approach to diamond clarity grading; the most common grading used by retailers. It is an important skill to have, remember to look for cut, proportioning and color of the diamond and of course what you consider most beautiful. Happy diamond shopping!

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Diamond Clarity Examples

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