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We have organized our lessons into three categories. You may have seen other places list the 4 C's or the 5 C's (Cut, Clarity, Carat, Color, and Cost). We only have three lessons (Cut, Color and Clarity) because all features influence cost and carat size is not relevant to how well a diamond is made.

Diamond Cut 



What makes one diamond sparkle while another looks lifeless and dull? A good diamond is dazzling, romantic and priced according to quality. The most important factor is the grading and evaluation of a diamond's cut. The purpose of this lesson is to provide a basic understanding of the evaluation of cut and proportioning and how it impacts a diamond's beauty and value.


Ideal Cut Diamond
Diamond Proportions
Diamond Value
Diamond Grading

Diamond Color 



Color is the second most significant grading aspect of buying or selling diamonds. Diamonds are graded based on their overall body color, on a scale developed by the GIA. This scale runs from "D" to "Z". Note in the charts below how the difference between any two colors can be very subtle.

Below is a Diamond Color Master Grading set showing the full color range, from a D all the way to a Z.


Diamond Color

Diamond Clarity 



The least important diamond grade is clarity. Unfortunately, it is what many jewelers claim is most important, because it is the easiest to demonstrate. Anyone can put a diamond under a microscope and see if it has inclusions. It takes gemological knowledge to cut and/or color grade a diamond.


Diamond Clarity
Diamond Clarity Examples

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Diamond Education

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